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How it works

  • There are 4 meals available for each day i.e. 
    • Meal A: Light meal,
    • Meal B: Low GI/Traditional,
    • Meal C: Low Carb and
    • Meal D: 1 Alternative.
  • You can select a different meal (from the 4 available) for each member of staff, e.g. 4 meal A’s, 5 meal B’s, 3 Meal C’s and 2 Meal D’s
  • A completed order sheet must be emailed to before 12h00 every Wednesday for the following week’s orders.
  • Meals can be cancelled before 09h00 teh day before delivery.
  • A minimum of 10 meals must be ordered per day. You can order for any number of days per week (Monday to Friday)
  • Meals are freshly  prepared and individually packed and labelled in a fridge/freezer/microwave friendly container
  • After preparation, meals are cooled down to below 10’C before being delivered
  • To reheat, remove the lid and place in a microwave for 30 to 60 seconds
  • Empty containers can be sent back with our driver when the next delivery is made       

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