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Revolution in Ready-made Food Delivery, Pretoria

There’s an immensely important difference between our ready-made food delivery in Pretoria and customary take-away deliveries that arrive at your door, dispatched by one of any number of fast food franchises.

While our ready-made food delivery service in and around Pretoria also sees to it that your meals are personally brought to you at home or work, this is one of only two similarities between us and traditional fast food outlets, but differences are major. Customers need not shop for ingredients and prepare them prior to dining, a huge time saver and the other similarity.


Traditional Take-away Meals

Before the advent of take-away franchises, independent roadhouses, fish and chip shops and the corner cafe were virtually the only suppliers of take-away food, the quality of which was solely dependent on the owner’s discretion. Preparation frequently involved frying and lots of oils and fats, rather similar to the fare offered by many franchised outlets today.

It must be said that not all take-away meals on offer today are very unhealthy or fried, since many outlets are minimising the use of this cooking method in order to provide healthier food, largely as a result of the worldwide emphasis on increasing obesity.

Major supermarkets typically offer chilled pre-packaged meals with sell-by and use-by dates to guide the consumer, but these meals are displayed on the shelves a couple of days prior to the sell-by date, so they’ll obviously be several days old by the time that they’re consumed.

However, there’s more to freshly prepared food than mere “best before” dates. Frozen, smoked, canned or dehydrated ingredients do not qualify as being fresh, something of which many consumers are unaware. Fresh ingredients have not been processed in any way in order to preserve them; they’re as close to their natural state as could be.

The New Trend

Our innovative, delicious meals are fresh in the true sense – freshly prepared daily, using only prime quality fresh ingredients; nothing is frozen or processed in any way. Besides providing top quality, tasty meals and saving our customers heaps of time, our extensive menu choices enable clients to select what to eat each day.

Healthy food should not be boring – our exciting, great tasting meals are testament to this, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner or all three. Whether you want to loose or manage your weight, adopt a healthy lifestyle and eating plan, require a low GI diet or wish to include tasty vegetarian fare in your diet, we provide it all, even including a selection of healthy snacks and bottled spring water for those in-between munchies.

Breakfast choices include omelette selections, muesli, seasonal fruit salads, oats and scones, to name a few. Now there’s no excuse to skip this most important meal of the day because mornings are too much of a rush.

All beef and chicken cuts are trimmed of excess fats and no additional oil or salts are added during preparation, leaving customers free to pick and choose lunch and dinner according to their preferences, from steak to curries, pasta bakes to grilled fish dishes, stroganoff to Thai style stir-fries, and soups to gourmet sandwiches, all freshly prepared every day.

Get Started

Getting started is simple and easy. Customers register via our website, make their selection and place orders online, pay via EFT or PAYFAST and dine in style at their own leisure.

We recognise that “proof is in the eating”, so we’ve included a two day trial plan for customers who wish to try out our service. Included in this plan, customers receive two breakfasts, lunches and dinners for two days with free mineral water, fruit and delivery.

Say goodbye to unhealthy diets, frequent grocery shopping, electricity for cooking purposes, dish washing and dumping foodstuffs that are past their prime and spend the time and money you save on more pleasurable pursuits, all made possible by using our excellent ready-made food delivery service in Pretoria.

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